Flying GCC Airline to its hi-tech destination
Our GCC Airline client required digital transformation for their IT landscape. They sought support for a complete redesign of their website UX/UI and implementation of CMS, multilingual booking engine, and mobile applications.
The client chose Kentico CMS for multilingual, country-specific promotions, personalization, enhanced UI/UX, tight technical integration, ability to leverage existing assets from the scalability perspective, and true real-time capabilities. We implemented a new-user experience flow and shared options with the Airlines. ● Clear understanding of digital transformation objectives to meet customer demands in the most efficient and effective ways. ● Creation of modern enterprise architecture in a hosted environment to reduce the number of technologies that need to be maintained. ● Developing Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android.
• User-friendly interface for both mobile and web • Enhanced branding and marketing efforts • Increase in sales • More traction with responsive design of website and mobile • Better positioning in the competitive landscape • Surge of 15% in booking volumes and revenues

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