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● Develop a web-based project management system for manufacturing companies ● Project managers to be able to create and modify projects, tasks, and assign tasks to the backlog of respective team members ● Individual team members to schedule tasks from their backlog and update the status of the tasks ● Display the project or task information in both calendar and Gantt chart view ● Provide APIs for other systems to integrate ● Compatible with all browsers
Designed and developed a web-based system using technology such as CSS, Javascript, and SQL Server. Migrated the system from Silver Lights to the latest Angular technologies A few modules include ● Task Management: Manage tasks of the projects that are assigned to the user in calendar mode ● Gannt Chart Plan: Includes details of all tasks of the projects that are assigned to the user ● Dashboard: Comprises the module that provides state-of-the-art reports on the current status of any project
● Developed using the latest technology ● Compatible with all browsers ● Ability to interface with any other system via APIs

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