Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing Services

Unparalleled experience and exceptional expertise across various platforms and complexities. Diligent team, eminent service and efficient outcomes.

Inspire offers robust multi-faceted testing services that are unmatched in quality and pleasing at performance!

  • Functional/Regression Testing: By thoroughly identifying and eliminating quality flaws in applications through our integrated testing mechanisms, we help you in adding an essence of versatility to your application development cycles.
  • Web Services Testing: By rendering superior quality testing mechanisms for the most intricate REST/SOAP web services inclusive of diversified and efficient testing operations, we identify and eliminate bugs thereby unifying the processes.
  • Mobile Apps Testing: By employing eminent yet efficient success-driven testing mechanisms that facilitate harmonious operation across both smart phones and tablets, we assure extraordinary services for native apps, elegant responsive designs and creative yet classic mobile designs.

Test Automation:

  • Framework and Test Development: By associating with Inspire you win a chance to leverage all our exclusively build test automation frameworks for your unique automation development requirement. You can either work your hands through it or have our team of experts pour in their skills to customize an efficient framework for your requirement.
  • Automated Test Execution and Maintenance: By saying execution and maintenance of automated testing, we don’t just do the regular maintenance. We actually provide our clients with thoroughly reviewed and analysed test reports so as to efficiently seclude any possible or probable test automation failures immediately, thereby making your automation solution quite reliable with best maintenance.

Performance Testing: 

  • Web Application Performance Testing: By engaging versatile and cost-efficient trailing methods, we provide our clients with diligent load testing and efficient stress testing solutions for an array of web applications.
  • Media Streaming User Experience Assessment: By systematically assessing the performance of applications that go hand-in-hand with media content, we work towards improving the streaming and downloading experience as a result of best configuration testing processes.
  • Mobile App Performance Assessment: By applying our skills and comprehensive capabilities in testing, we quickly identify, perfectly plan, and efficiently execute tests so as to proficiently validate the performance of mobile applications.
  • ERP/CRM Applications Performance Testing: By enforcing our testing standards, we offer a comprehensive application load testing service for Thick and Thin Client based apps, thereby enabling them to perfectly validate the performance of their apps across business requirements precisely.

Security Testing:

  • Web Application Penetration Testing: By ascertaining the security of an application through our exclusively designed Comprehensive Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing specifically performed for web applications, we provide our clients with exclusive insights about their security infrastructure and the necessary additions if required.
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing: By partnering with Inspire, you are actually playing safe in all your testing moves. Right from identifying and isolating malicious threats that may otherwise have a disastrous impact on your mobile applications, our analysis and reliable penetration testing, diligently performed by our team of experts will give your applications the safety they need.
  • Security Code Review: By running our static code analysis program, we enable our clients to curtail the potential threats for their software.
  • Network Security Assessment: By giving a promise of quality and trust, we are aware of the responsibilities we hold. We categorically identify gaps that could cause potential security breach and efficiently enhance your network infrastructure security through our exuberant comprehensive penetration testing framework.

Partner with Inspire and make smart moves!