Stepping on the Gas with Industry 4.0 Strategies (aligning to 4.0 industry transformation)


Uncover the potential of digitalization and analytics to realign business goals

With the continual introduction and improvisation of digital skills and technologies, the scope for manufacturers to make decisions based on real-time data has increased exponentially. The introduction of Industry 4.0 and 5G services is rapidly transforming the manufacturing space. Customers expect increasing levels of personalization and innovation. Keeping up with this requires service-based strategies to maintain steady growth and profits. Manufacturing firms need to transform their value chain and shift from a production- and operations-focused approach to consumer-centric markets.

Our Solutions

Having mastered the trends of this digital era, our new-age technologies in AI and machine learning are pushing new boundaries. We enable you to harness the power of cloud analytics, which helps you bring about higher levels of efficiency and connectivity.

Asset+: Remote Monitoring of Assets
People+: Location Sensing and Optimization
Decision Management: Data Analytics Platform
Connected Buildings: IoT
IT Infrastructure Management
Integrated Service Delivery
Employee Training
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    • Being able to access data remotely is the need of the hour. Our modular technology solutions combined with our extensive training applications help you empower your employees and partners to access data remotely and safely.
    • With the Inspire advantage, you can now configure new assets and their attributes easily as we provide you with intuitive AI solutions and platforms.
    • For accurate and real-time tracking of employees and assets, we efficiently correlate location with tasks. This encapsulates a wide range of information such as asset telemetry, schedules, employee and asset location, and temperature conditions.
    • We use a stream processing engine that uses an inbuilt authoring tool that helps you improve employee efficiency, handle multiple assets from anywhere, and simplify operations through unified platforms and real-time notifications.
    • Industrial competitiveness calls for fast-paced decisions and outcomes. With Inspire Infosol’s expertise in data analytics, you can accelerate your insight process and streamline IT complexities.
    • We offer the usage of big data to secure your path to higher growth, efficiencies, and innovative strategies. Our intelligent self-learning analytics systems help you make evidence-based decisions and deliver hassle-free digital solutions.
    • At Inspire Infosol, we make use of next-generation solutions to help you embrace the world of smart and connected buildings. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of IoT platforms to help you transition from the reactive to a dynamic building management system.
    • Our usage of IoT services and platforms coupled with mobility and the cloud make facility management systems more dynamic and responsive.
    • Ensuring customer satisfaction becomes imperative, especially with constantly changing market dynamics. We enhance your IT infrastructure to keep up with the evolving digital landscape and effectively manage legacy investments while making the process cost-effective.
    • Our applications enable you to continually optimize your resources across multi-cloud platforms. Improve your customer experiences while enjoying an end-to-end view of your applications.
    • At Inspire Infosol, we help accelerate growth by accurately identifying areas for improvement. We help you bring about the digital transformation of your enterprise by improving business outcomes and IT capabilities.
    • We help you smoothly move towards a digitally operating model to combine your business and IT to improve customer journeys and increase business value.
    • We make use of enterprise learning platforms to ensure you can deliver engaging and relevant content in bite-sized modules. Offer your business better results and an exceptional employee engagement environment.
    • With Inspire Infosol, you can enhance employee efficiency with our accurate impact measurement tools and real-time reports.
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