Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence systems regulate the flow of data and empower organizations to gain a competitive edge in the present while enabling them to build a future-proof and future-ready digital business.

What We Do

Inspire’s Business Intelligence services enable organizations to effectively aggregate, integrate, and validate data and uncover relevant insights in real-time. We help our clients transform data into intelligent insights with predictive modeling by using data mining, text mining, and forecasting. Our business intelligence systems enable organizations

Information Management

Discover, customize, and implement the right platforms and tools to create a data warehouse that meets your specific business needs.

Data Services

Create a single point of truth, improve consistency, and eliminate rework by making your enterprise data more reliable. 

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Unlock the true potential of your data and uncover insights that transform business engagements. 

Information Presentation

Derive actionable insights and transform data visualization to accelerate business value creation.

Advanced Visualization

Demystify data-driven decision making by transforming the way you present data.

Why choose inspireinfosol for Business Intelligence Solutions?

  • Data Strategy, Management & Architecture

The Data Management Services offered by Inspire Infosol is designed to control, protect, and enhance the value of information assets across the client’s organization.

  • Data Rendering Solutions

At Inspire Infosol, the Data Rendering and Reporting Solutions utilize structured data in relational, XBRL, and XML/JSON formats; the solutions can also work with unstructured data. Our tools are designed for intuitive usage and can be used to run sophisticated queries without the user having any background in SQL coding.

  • Reporting Solutions

Analytics and Reports can be rendered in a variety of visual formats including bar charts, geographical mapping, heat maps, sparklines, and other more detailed and sophisticated formats.

Tools & Technologies

In the Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions space, Inspire Infosol focuses on BI Reports and Data Analytics. Backed by smart analytical tools, BI can help predict, track and present information pertaining to business performance, giving organizations the power to translate large masses of data into actionable information that facilitates decision-making.

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